Philosophy of Treatment

I believe that therapy is most helpful and change is most likely when we feel comfortable expressing our innermost thoughts and feelings. To facilitate this process, I offer a warm, supportive, and non-judgmental environment where ideas can be expressed and examined safely. Using this therapeutic relationship as a basis for our work, we can explore difficult issues knowing that I am a caring and more objective person in your life. I am an active participant in the process with my clients and am not a therapist who simply nods and smiles. I will challenge you and offer constructive feedback when it is appropriate. In addition, if I have a reaction to something that you have shared with me, I will usually tell you and request that you do the same. I believe that an open dialogue about the process of working together can be incredibly useful.

Services Offered
Psychotherapy for Adolescents, Adults, and Couples

Psychotherapy is an opportunity to explore and understand your thoughts and feelings about the issues that are the most important and/or troubling to you. While therapy with each person is unique, in our initial sessions we will talk about your current difficulties and gather some background information so that we can begin to identify patterns that affect the way you currently think, feel, and behave. After the assessment-focused sessions, we will discuss how to proceed in achieving your goals.

Clinical Supervision

I have provided psychodynamic supervision to therapists from a range of disciplines and backgrounds. I offer collaborative and supportive supervision that focuses on the therapist’s experience of clinical work and creates an environment that allows for exploration of thoughts, feelings, and actions that are not always easy to acknowledge or discuss.